Caring for the Diamond Engagement Ring

hey say diamonds are forever, but even the most dazzling diamond engagement rings can lose their sparkle or become damaged without the necessary proper care. After all, the engagement ring will likely be the most expensive piece of jewelry you’ve ever owned, and since it is a permanent fixture on your left hand, you will want to ensure it stays shiny and sparkly for years to come. It’s easy to panic – wondering how often to clean your diamond ring to keep it sparkling, when to take it off and how to keep your new jewelry safe.

Should I wear it to sleep? Take it off when I shower? Where should I keep it? Can I really clean it with dish soap? So many questions.

To properly care for your precious diamond engagement ring, a little know-how in care tips is required.

Your ring is a symbol of the love and commitment that maintains the eternal bond between you and your better half. It is imbued with rich and deeply personal sentiment that will warm you for a lifetime, and with proper care it will always remain true to the sweetest and purest of emotions, and continue to give you a lifetime of joy. Or at least that’s the goal. And because it has a lot of sentimental values, you’ll want to know how to take care of that precious engagement ring. Most jewelry is relatively easy to maintain as long as you know what you’re doing.


Each engagement ring is unique with many different stones, metals and settings. It’s important to know what care your ring requires before you begin the cleaning process. But regardless of the method used, the best way to clean a diamond ring thoroughly is to be gentle and patient during the cleaning process.

As much as a diamond is the hardest natural material found anywhere on earth, and the fact that they are extremely durable, they are not indestructible. Engagement diamond rings do get dirty too. The build-up of dirt or oil will block the light interactions in the stone, so there’s no point in having a beautifully cut diamond if it’s going to be dirty. Once the facets are covered in dirt, grime, and gunk, the shine will not be as bright because the light simply isn’t refracting as well. So, if your stone ever looks hazy or cloudy, it’s likely that something is stuck underneath it.

From time to time, you absolutely should clean the stone, and you might be surprised because it will shine just as bright as it did the first time. To clean, you can always take your precious and sentimental engagement ring to an expert jeweler to get it properly steamed clean or should you want to clean it on your own, it is crucial to bear in mind the most important thing to avoid – harsh chemicals. Bleach and other cleaning agents can dull the finish of a ring and actually harm the stone. So, don’t use abrasive materials and chemicals to clean the ring or even while wearing the ring.

The best solution would be soap and water. No matter what your ring’s setting and/or metal type is, plain soap and water do the job just perfectly. The simplest way is to let it soak in warm soapy water for fifteen minutes or so and then carefully brush off the dirt with a soft bristled toothbrush, gently clean the areas within the ring setting that are hard to reach, then rinse and pat dry.

It is recommended to clean it at least once every few weeks.

It is also important to remember to avoid touching the center stone at all costs. Diamonds and other precious stones are magnets for dust, dirt, and body oil.  When you put on or take off your ring, try grabbing the band on either side of the stone instead of grabbing the stone itself.

This is a no-brainer but do remove your expensive and precious engagement ring when you are performing hand-heavy activities and chores such as gardening, cleaning, doing dishes, baking, or even swimming as the chlorine in the water can be damaging to the stone and metal.

Even if damage does not occur right away, something serious can happen to the setting or the diamond after being exposed to rough handling so often.

Even with a well-routined home care, it is still very important to schedule maintenance appointments with your jeweler at least once a year to make sure the prongs are tight, the diamond isn’t loose, and there are no hairline cracks in the shank. All-around professional maintenance is vital. Also, do have your ring re-polished every now and then. Most engagement rings are made from either gold or platinum. Every so often, especially if worn while doing certain tasks even as simple as showering or washing dishes, the coating will fade and in order to restore that beautiful, pure shine, you should have it re-coated and polished.

Things can get pretty messy at home so ensure you keep ring dishes throughout your home so that when you do need to take it off, you know exactly where to look. From the bathroom to the kitchen to the bedroom, there will be a designated place for your ring should you need to take it off because let’s face it – one of the keys to taking care of your new engagement ring is making sure not to lose it!

Every ring is different and needs to be cared for differently. Rings with platinum settings have slightly different care requirements than those with gold settings. Diamonds that are set on prongs also demand more careful attention then bezel settings. Get all the information that you need from the jeweler upon purchase and stick to the regimen as best as possible.

After all, an engagement ring is not something you buy or receive every day. Start with these daily, weekly and yearly tasks, do it at the frequency noted, and you will very likely have a diamond that really does last forever.