Diamonds are great accessories for enhancing your look. These beautiful gems exude a timeless allure and versatility, making them the perfect complement for your every mood and outfit. 

Whether it’s bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or a chic mix of these (though not all four at the same time, as a general rule), here are some of our suggestions for incorporating diamond jewellery into your OOTD. Now you can jazz up your outfits effortlessly. 

  1. Diamond bracelets

Diamond bracelets can add a touch of charm to your wrist, serving as an elegant statement piece. Ranging from delicate bangles to chunkier cuffs and classic tennis bracelets, these can also be paired with watches and rings. Keep it simple with just one bracelet or make a bigger statement by stacking on several at a time. 

  1. Diamond rings

Much more than an overt show of your relationship status, rings are another type of jewellery that can either be a subtle or grand statement piece. Whichever you prefer, you can’t go wrong with a dazzling diamond ring or more. Wearing multiple rings, whether on different fingers or in a stack on a single finger, can also be a beautiful reminder of the milestones and memories in your life!

However, since our hands come into contact with multiple surfaces and objects on a daily basis, you might not want to have your rings on all the time.

  1. Diamond necklaces

As a rule of thumb, longer necklaces can be good for layering as well as accentuating the decolletage, while chokers can be flattering for your neckline. For example, the placement of 18-inch necklaces is on the collarbone, making them perfect for almost any type of neckline. Those that are 20-24 inches in length, on the other hand, are between the collarbone and bust, which is best suited for casual and business wear. Adding a diamond pendant into the mix is a great way to light up your look. 

  1. Diamond earrings

From studs and hoops to drops and dangles, earring styles run the gamut, so you can have your pick and change out your look according to whatever strikes your fancy. Generally, dangling earrings tend to make the face and neck look longer, making them a great choice for those with round faces and shorter necks. If you want to make your facial features look sharper, try angular earrings. Conversely, round or oval earrings can soften angular face shapes. 

The possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing diamond jewellery with your everyday looks. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colours too. Remember, you can make your own rules. Styled right, diamond jewelry can be a beautiful complement – or the main focal point – of your attire. You might just find yourself craving more sparkle in your everyday look before you know it! 

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