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The Star of Mira was first discovered as one of the brightest stars in recent times. And at its peak where its so bright that it can be seen even with the naked eye.

Inspired by the brightness of this star, Mira diamond is polished in perfect symmetry of 8 additional facets, an illuminating pavilion and a revolutionary radiance.

Just as the Star of Mira, this beautifully cut diamond gives you more fire and scintillation as compare to the ordinary 57 cut diamonds.

Mark Of Distinction

Every diamond is laser inscribed at the girdle with an individual identification number and its very own Mira branding. it also comes with Gemological Institute of America (GIA) cert and a personalised Mira Identification Card to further inform you on its particular diamond’s specifications and informations.


For brilliance, sparkle & fire. An excellent cut diamond offers the greatest brilliance and will scintillate with its fiery lights


A range of natural hues. It is graded from D to Z, from 'Exceptional White' to 'White' and 'Tinted White'. There are colour diamonds too, which we called them fancy colour.


A diamond's personal identity. Every diamond is unique. Almost all diamonds contain natural "birthmarks" when they were born.


A diamond weight and size. One carat is 100 points. Larger diamond are rarely found and therefore to be more valuable

Exclusive Box with GIA Certificate

All your MiRA Diamonds purchase comes complete with an classic and elegant box together with GIA certificate.


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